Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yes! Yes! Yes!..whywhywhy?

We are now in 2010! Yeah! This is going to be a big year for so many of us. For me it is the year of my wedding! Potsch and I will be saying our "I do's" October 10th. That is in TEN MONTHS!!!! For anything else in life ten months can seem like forever but in wedding planning time that is basically a week. Now, granted, I love stress so I am definitely amping it up a bit. But you will see, if you haven't already - This is GO time!

Tonight I stumbled upon Elizabeth Avey. I fell in love. I love love love her vintage dresses. They are exactly what I am looking and hoping for. And then I noticed she is in London. Damn it. How come every time I fall in love with a dress it is in London? Guess that settles it - I am moving to the UK. ha I wish. But a visit would be wonderful, especially if it happened in the next couple of weeks and I could bring some lady friends with me. (clear my throat sound) Universe?
Anyway, look at these dresses. Do you know where I can find one in the States? and also in a size 16 ? Or do you know anyone who can make me a dress?


A Los Angeles Love said...

Hey - I found you via Dana's twitter. Paying no attention to budget (high or low) you might consider: Dolly Couture (affordable custom vintage-style dresses in LA), Stephanie James (Huntington beach, high end, custom vintage-style couture), Unique Vintage (Burbank, off-the-rack, inexpensive, plus size options too), Whirling Turban (affordable-ish, custom vintage-style/inspired couture, online only), and Elizabeth Dye (Portland designer, not high end prices but not inexpensive either, has a few shorter+lace+texture dresses you might like), Casablanca (has a shirt dress I saw with some of the texture you highlighted and not expensive for wedding dresses)

Good luck!

kage said...

Those are so lovely! I'm getting married this year too - just bought my dress over Christmas. Good luck with your dress hunting :)

looselyscripted.blogpost.com said...

These are perfect for you!!!


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