Friday, October 2, 2009

Burr, it's gettin' chilly

Fall is finally here. Though in California it is pretty much summer year round. But I love love love Fall!!!! I love the fashion of Fall. I love the feel of fall. I love the food of Fall. Everything Fall is my best friend. So I am excited to get to start posting things are a warmer cozy snugglier note.

I live in an apt right now and there is no fire place. Everyone wants a fireplace. That is where all the sexy moments in cable knit sweaters holding hot toddies happen. Now I have seen those fireplaces made by the Amish for sale on television (rather ironic isn't) but I would like more style with my place of heat.

Thank you, Fredrik Hylten-Cavallius, for this beautiful Piet .
"Piet is a chimney free indoor stove with a brass reflector, that burns ethanol fuel instead of wood. This gives no smoke or soot and thereby eliminates the need of a chimney."

I am not sure if my Fireman Brother would approve but it sho' is purrty.

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