Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snapper in a snap

Yesterday I got a little overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do so instead of doing them i started wandering around online. I checked my usual go tos and caught up on all the pretty weddings going on and then I went to ShowFoodChef. If you haven't been there you need to! The only down side to that blog is when you finish reading you're starving.
ShowFoodChef is a blog by Chef Cathy Shambley. She is the brilliant Chef who made the lemoncello marshmallows I gave away earlier this year. ShowFoodChef is Cathy's blog of challenge, causes and creativity. Almost everyday she is posting a new recipe with great photos for an internet luncheon, a cyber potluck for charity, a nutella rework or just something she wanted to try and thought you would want to try it too. One of my favorte things about her food posts is that she always gives you a little history lesson about where and why this food came about. I wish high school history class would have been so yummy. I might have actually passed.

After reading "Diner? It's a SNAP-PER" I headed out the door straight to my Wholefoods. I have never bought a whole fish but luckily there was a very cute and flirty Fish Munger named Clint to help me. He was very excited to help me and made me want to buy fresh fish everyday. They did not have whole Red Snapper so i figured the Whole Thai Snapper would be the same thing. Yes, I am ignorant. Cue Clint - " There are over 300 types of Snapper. The Thai will do just fine but it is less meaty than the Red. So, you will have to cut your cooking time by 5min." Oh, ok. then I say, thinking I am so on top of it, "I need to have that fish with bones in. Scaled and gutted." He smiles at me in a way that tells me to lower my voice with a hint of "oh, you're so cute in your fish ignorance". Clint then informs me that what I want is called "Dressed." Clint then teaches me how to choose a good fish and what to do to make sure it is good - eyes should
be clear and bright if they are a cloudy ask them to open the gills. Gills should be red if they are a bit brown ask to smell the fish. If the fish smells bad then it is no good. Clint said it is my right to ask the fish guy to do this otherwise I could get sick. Clint taught me a lot . He will be teaching a class on Nov 11th at the pasadena Wholefoods where he could teach you a lot too.

Now for my dinner. This only took 20 min. to cook and then 5 min to sit before it was devoured.

My first time at the olive bar. So many to choose from. I went with the Pick Olives with Corriander Sauce. I think I would go for the olives with fennel next time.

Cathy calls for squash veggies. I used a sugar pie pumpkin. Another thing I have never made. It was very good!

Served over some brown rice. Healthy, fast and delicious!!!
This was so yummy. Potsch basically ate the entire thing himself. Now I know where to go for good recipes that will please my man. ShowFoodChef!!

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Teenie said...

Awesome blog Khali =) Looks amazing! When I was working on the boat, we caught some red snapper and baked it like you did. Unfortunately I couldn't get passed the eyes and bones to enjoy it... but it wasn't even close to as pretty as yours looked!! Humm... might have to attempt this again sometime (after seeing your inspirational photos) and use one of ShowFoodChef's yummy looking recipes =P


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