Monday, October 19, 2009

Tait Simpson

I have been a photographer for awhile now. When I began I was all about street/editorial style. There was nothing better than spending the day from morning to night wandering a neighborhood with my camera and catching single moments. Back then I used film and it would take months to get that film developed because I could not afford it. But that never stopped me from just shooting every chance I got.
Now I am pretty successful head shot photographer and just starting to pick up some wedding business. I love my work and it definitely has my style stamped on it but it has become a job. I don't mean that in any negative way. I just mean I rarely make the time to wander anywhere with my camera anymore. I miss that. Shooting with out a purpose except to capture beauty. I found Tait Simpson today and have fallen in to great inspiration. The moments Tait captures are once in a life time. The kind of images one can only get by be present and aware and with a camera. I may just have to schedule a shooting date with myself. The thought of that feels so good. Please check out Tait's website and blog. good stuff.

PrideFrom Reykjavik’s gay pride parade earlier this month.

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