Monday, October 19, 2009

Plastica has a registry

Potsch and i are less than a year away from our wedding day. Ok fine. We are just barely less than a year away but still - time is flying. Wedding thoughts are always on my mind somewhere. I like it really. Nothing like a big project to make me happily stressed.
Today I checked out Plastica, a very cool store online that has a REGISTRY!!!! I find wedding gifts to be a bit odd and uncomfortable sometimes. I would never ever want to be ungrateful and yet at the same time i don't want to be stuck with stuff we don't need or want. Does that make me sound lame and greedy? Potsch and I are not at the point where we can say "No presents, really." I mean lets be real getting wedding presents is fun, it is part of the whole event, right? Wow the more I write the more ungrateful I feel. I will press on and hope that you gorgeous readers will put me in my place if i am tipping out of it.
Let's get to the point shall we? Registry! There are more and more stores getting savy to the gift registry and thank god. Not that there is anything wrong with Crate&Barrel. I actually enjoy C&B it is a good stand by but there are so many more wonderful vintage and handmade items I would love to fill my new life with.
I will start a series of registry stores. Starting with Plastica. I will keep you informed as i find more places for you to personalize your gift registry with.

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Cathy/ShowFoodChef said...

I love this shop, I think I've been to it here, too. Great find.


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