Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crazy Cat Dress Contest WINNER!!!!

Choosing a winner for this Crazy Cat Dress was way harder than I ever expected. It seems that most of you really showed up with nuthin' but your A game. This past week I have been pleasantly bombarded with the lesson that anything can be cool as long as you have a great stylist who know how to accessorize.

The challenge was to prove to me that this cat dress was fashionable and stylish. Well, you did that and gave me options. I was amazed. The winner I chose took it a step farther. She not only made the Cat Dress fashionable and stylish but she also made it wearable and everyday. She made it something I would actually consider wearing myself - not for the shock value of having a huge cat face on my chest but for the comfort of having a huge cat face on my chest. I thought it was impossible but thank you, JANIELEIGH, for for finding that delicate balance of effortless style.

Crazy Cat Dress WINNER is JanieLeigh and her Indie Chick ensemble.

As I said it was difficult to choose. I will be posting the runners up through the week. Stay tuned! There are some good ones!

1 comment:

janieleigh said...

yay! it was really fun. i think you've got me addicted to polyvore!


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