Monday, October 26, 2009

It's on - Ayn Rand style

I just finished my new favorite book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. It was amazing. It is a big read and a mind blowing read. Definitely a must. I am even thinking about naming my children after characters in that book. I told my brother about that (he is the reason I read the book. He loves it to death) He was not thrilled with me. I may have to save that kid name or else figure out some deal with him. Anyway, like always after i finish a great book I feel lost. What am I supposed to read next? How can I take a chance on anything else when I know what what true love and happiness is? Sometimes it is a chance I am just not willing to take. But thank god for prolific tendencies. I went to my beautiful huge old Pasadena Library (if you have not been there - you must! It is like the big old ones in movies) and check out a stunning ginormous first print edition of "Atlas Shrugged" by the lovely and brilliant Ayn Rand. I am giddy with joy and anticipation!!!! I love that books still give me a happiness unmatched by anything else. Let my obsession continue.
How stunning is this vintage cover? I love the colors and the graphic. Definitely scanning this in before I return it.

This is a very interesting 3part interview with Mike Wallace and Ayn Rand. She gets a bit bullied but always keeps her cool. if you have the time it is definitely interesting.

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