Monday, October 19, 2009

Union by Robert Fulghum

I found this stunning poem tonight and every time I read it I cry. I have not done to much regarding our ceremony just yet and honestly don't really know where to start. I feel like this is a good place to begin.

by Robert Fulghum
You have known each other from the first glance of acquaintance to this point of commitment. At some point, you decided to marry. From that moment of yes to this moment of yes, indeed, you have been making promises and agreements in an informal way. All those conversations that were held riding in a car or over a meal or during long walks - all those sentences that began with “When we’re married” and continued with “I will and you will and we will”- those late night talks that included “someday” and “somehow” and “maybe”- and all those promises that are unspoken matters of the heart. All these common things, and more, are the real process of a wedding. The symbolic vows that you are about to make are a way of saying to one another, “ You know all those things we’ve promised and hoped and dreamed- well, I meant it all, every word.” Look at one another and remember this moment in time. Before this moment you have been many things to one another- acquaintance, friend, companion, lover, dancing partner, and even teacher, for you have learned much from one another in these last few years. Now you shall say a few words that take you across a threshold of life, and things will never quite be the same between you. For after these vows, you shall say to the world, this- is my husband, this- is my wife.

I love the modern-ness of this. It feels more real and tangible. Do you know any other great love poems or pieces you have heard at wedding?


Cathy/ShowFoodChef said...

Roses are red, Violets are blue, if you take me, I'll take you.
Nahhhh, JK. But I love the prose here; you're right it's a great place to start. I bet you could write something yourself, too.

A Fortunate Bride said...

We're using this in our ceremony! I love, love Robert Fulghum. He's an amazing person and writer.

Kate DiRienzo said...

I loved that! Kris and I had this at our wedding:
What is it? My dear?
Ah, how can we bear it?
Bear What?
This. For so short a time. How can we sleep this time away?
We can be quiet together, and pretend since it is only the beginning-that we have all the time in the world.
And every day we shall have less. and then none.
Would you rather, therefore, have had nothing at all?
No. This is where I have always been coming to. since my time began. And when I go away from here, this will be the mid-point to which everything ran, before and from which everything will run. But now my love, we are here, we are now, and those other times are running elsewhere.
- A.S. Byatt, Possession

Teenie said...

Oh Khali, I really like this... a tear of my own escaped towards the end :,) As your mom mentioned, I'm sure you would also do a lovely job at writing a little sweet something yourself <3 Can't believe it's already less then a year away!!


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