Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rocky Votolato

My brother, Tom, is a big fan of Rocky Votolato's. I had never heard of him. Well, that is not true. When Tom would talk about him I would act all cool cause I thought I totally knew who it was and I am older and so cool so of course I would know more. Turns out I am not and did not know. I will give myself credit for this though - I took a step back and decided to learn from my brother cause he knows a lot of cool shit. So, I finally looked into Rocky and guess what - awesome!

His music brings me back to my super early twenties - when struggling was romantic and smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee were apart of my every hour. Sometimes I miss that time so much. When life was so full of passion and yet still so careless. I miss smoking cigarettes in the cold and not worrying about anyone else but myself. I would not trade my life now but it would be nice to have those moments every now and then.

White Daisy Passing

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