Saturday, July 11, 2009

I would marry me in this

I always have my wedding on my mind. Sometimes it is at the fore front and sometimes it is way back there like a lazy retail worker sneaking in a few texties to her friends. But it is there. Lately I have been thinking about my dress. I go back and forth on what I want. Like I have said before there are sooooooo many options and styles and I like them all...almost. Currently I am still excited about the idea of having a colorful dress. When I see big white gowns - they are just such wedding dresses. No questions there. That lady in the white dress - she is the bride. Not that I want it to be questionable who is the bride on our big day but I like odd. I like unexpected. But I also like classic and glamourous. My worry with the colorful dress is that I will not find one that (I can afford) that is jaw dropping- for me - For Potsch - and for everyone, really.
When I think COLOR I think Green / Blue / Marigold. I do not think navy or grey. But ofcourse as soon as you close to door someone has to come a knockin'. I found this dress and I fell. I adore it. I would look like a big diamond. Ha! who doesn't want that. Of course the dress is in London and they only have a uk size 10 left. But it is soooo amazing. I am dazzled. something to dream about for now. I am sure I will have found another dress with in the week. Ha! But for now...ahhhh swoon.
Thank you Joseph M for selling such a beautiful dress.

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Teenie said...

WOW. I could definitely see you in this dress... really truly! With a colorful something in your hair. Lovely!


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