Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roseate Spoonbill has style

I saw Roseate Spoonbill posted about on Mustard and Sage and was thrilled when I saw her Flickr page. I like her vintage/thrifty ensembles that are wearable and not costume-y. She is colorful with out looking like a clown. And she has an awesome (what i think to be) kitty tattoo on her inside forearm. I may just get one of those myself.
I am always envious of people, mainly ladies, who take photos of their daily wears. I would like to do that too. But I am not all that stylish everyday. can you dress up cute for the photo and then change back to your yoga pants? hmm.
Breaking News!!! I went to email Roseate to tell her I posted about her and then found her blog with even more photos. Turns out she is German and moved to the states when she was 18...alone! Postch was the same except for the alone part. Roseate is living in Indiana now. AND she just put a bunch of dresses up for sale on ebay!

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting this! that makes me happy :)



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