Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sneakin' around with you!

I finally saw all of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" last night. Potsch and I it on while working and it was a lovely and funny distraction. The best part was when Potsch told me "I don't know anyone beside Dolly Parton and you that squeal with delight." I fell even more in love with him. We realized that we are kinda Burt and Dolly. Potsch is a handsome Man with a sexy moustache and I am a squealing platinum blonde with big boobs and a big smile. (I don't really have Dolly boobs) Well, it got me to thinking. What a fun wedding theme. Burt and Dolly seventies Country style. The title could use some streamlining. I image the bridesmaids in big puffy crinoline skirts and the groomsmen in bootcut pants and cowboy boots. Hot!
Throw some hay around and grill some food. Chill some beers and perform a few choreographed dances. Sounds like our kinda party. I have not pitched this idea to Potsch yet but I think he might be into it. We see if I stay on this kick for more than a few days.
But for now enjoy the song that started my thinkin'.
Sneakin' Around With You. Potsch and I had lots of fun sneakin' around in the start of our love. Nothin' like it.


Anonymous said...

imagine doing 12 takes of that

Anonymous said...

do you notice burt grabbing his junk at the beginning of the song? priceless.

i wish you could have come to our "very dolly thanksgiving" 2 years ago. the pin the nipple on the dolly game and islands in the stream duet contest would have made you squeal like dolly!


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