Monday, July 6, 2009

Kid Friendly Mid-Century Modernist Wall paper

Brilliant! I was all for this until Potsch brought to my attention that not all children are great artists. Then i said "but if they are yours everything they do is amazing." But then I thought it out a bit... and he was right. Having a child- even your own- draw on your coloring book wall paper is neat if that space is '1x'1 but to have a whole wall - maybe even a room- I am not sure that would look so amazing. And then i remembered the genius trick my mother would do in situations such as these.
The Christmas Tree Scheme.
When we would put the tree up in our living room it was a big deal and a big night. We would listen to xmas carols and have hot chocolate or apple cider and lay out all our ornaments on the coffee table and take turns selecting which shiny ball or strand of beads or trinket from a trip in the past we were going to hang. Then we would spend minutes trying to figure out where the best spot on the tree would be for this special bauble to hang. It was a great night. Our tree always looked amazing - even better the next morning. Here is where the Christmas Tree Scheme came into full action. The children would be safe in bed with sugar plum fairies and all that jazz and my mom would be fine tuning the composition of the tree flair, just to get that perfect controlling balance.
Point = coloring book wall paper is a perfect family activity. The kids can leave their mark and you can swoop in later to make their mark sweet and stylish rather than sloppy and childish and still have happy memories.

Wall paper is available at Mini Moderns.

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