Sunday, July 26, 2009

There is always work to be done

Potsch and I have been hard at work for Honey B till 4am every night. But we did sneak a day trip to Comic-con with our friends in and a very drunken birthday celebration for a friend. But all that personal time can kinda get you stressed when you know you still have so much work to do.
Then i was thinking - how can I center myself and find the strength to keep going? I will tell my b&c friends.
This is a sneak peak for you super supporters. I hope you can make it to the party next week so you can see everything in person too.

We just got our business cards the other day. I designed them and we're really happy with them. Originally we wanted rounded corners but for time sake / ease / cost - we went with standard size and shape. We got them from Next Day Flyers. The price was great and we got them right away. We used them for our lables and some art postcards as well. All fast and cheap and pretty good.

Also, We got our website up. Honey B Online. It only has a page up right now but that will be built this week.
This is what our place looks like everday right now. This photo was taken at 4:30am. We have tons to do during the day but we really can only screen at night due to the heat and the ater based inks we use. Still, at 4am, we are sweating to death. Hence why Potsch is shirtless.

These are just a few of the 30 or so screens we have made. We own about 5 screens in a few different sizes. Most of our designs use two screens or more. That means we have to be smart and organized cause re-doing a screen cause you forgot you had to make one more shirt with that image is a hassle and can take a good amount of time. Time is not something we have to waste right now.

Potsch designed this amazing Market Tote (over sized tote bag that is great for actually shopping at the farmers market). He blows my mind with the stuff he can do. He designed and drew out a pattern. He hand dyes all the raw canvas himself. AND he sews. Awesome!
These are two of the designs we have. We will be naming the designs in the next day or so.

So, there is a quick catch up. It is 12:20am now and we are sweating and working hard. Potsch is once again having to take the sewing machine apart cause it keeps jamming. I am trying to squeeze in some of my other responsibilities before I get back to screening my cozies. I call them The Fix - more to come on those. I am very excited. Oh what the heck...I call them The Fix cause they can fix an outfit by being a fashionable cuff - when you wrap them around your Latte/Tea cup (your caffine Fix) they fix the temperature - and by not wasting those cardboard sleeves and using your Fix you are Fixing the planet. (They are also made out of vintage and repurposed fabrics). So, picture for those will come later. hehehe

Off to work now. I will try and get some fun things to you this week.
Potsch had to talk me into that quote but now it s one of my favorites.


Teenie said...

WOW! Nice work you two :) a
As I have mentioned before... SO BUMMED I wont be able to make it. But, can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Every part of this looks amazing!


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