Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Butter by Nadia

I love these dresses. They are amazing and I want one! You buy one dress and get like fifty. Convertible Dresses by Butter by Nadia. Granted they are around $300 but I am thinking that is worth it. They look so pretty on the model and on the adorable girl who does the style video. Seems like a good dress for pregnancy as well. I was thinking I would have my bridesmaids go for this look but i don't think I want them spending $300.
Watch the video on the site. I never get any sound but the girl is so cute.

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Aliya said...

I came by here via a search for these dresses because I want to find the videos. I think they have the best selection for that on the web.

Anyway....these a a BREEEZE to make. I am currently wearing one I made this morning. It is the sixth one i've made (mostly for other people). If you want more information on making one e-mail me at

Also, the one I'm wearing cost me $8. yep. I can't believe they're selling them for $300.


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