Monday, July 13, 2009

Ray la Montagne

Potsch, my Brother and i went to Hollywood Bowl Last night for a stunning show of Ray La Montagne. He opened with "Be Here Now". I cried immediately. Life felt so perfect in that moment. The air was cool as the days sweltering heat faded away with the sun. I was with My best Friend and my brother and I was just happy. Overwhelmed, really.
what a wonderful song.

I used this video as it includes Ryan Gosling. Who I secretly love.

Also, in performance attendance was, Blitzen Trapp and the lovely Jenny Lewis.
Blitzen Trapp was new to me. They were a touch of The Eagles meets Bob Dylan and a hint of the Dead.
Jenny Lewis was sexy and country and rock'n'roll. I love that she can play, basically, every instrument on the stage. Hot!

She was wearing the same thing last night.

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