Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jail Cafe

I am doing a lot of gathering and researching of photos from the 1920's for the Honey B launch party Aug 1st. Today I came across this brilliant trend - the theme restaurant. I know they are still around but they don't seem to have the innocence that they once had. back in these days it seems like the focus was the theme not the food. In some ways I doubt they cared about the food at all. As long as there was meat loaf and some fruit floating in Jello people of this time were ridin' high. Actually I think that food was more the 50's but you get my point.

This is my favorite and wish wish wish that it was around today.
Jail Cafe - amazing.

This is the Mushroom cafe of course.

And this the Coffee Cup Cafe.

There was also the Toad Inn (shaped like a toad) The Egyptian Realtor Office (shaped like the sphinx) and more. I realize that the trend was also to just make your building look like a huge toy. Another sign that adults are just kids with money.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure what the business(es) are inside it, but there's a building shaped like an Aztec Pyramid in Van Nuys. lol Every time I see it, I kind've give it a bewildered look!


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