Thursday, July 9, 2009

I don't get it

I enjoy the smell of bacon being cooked up for breakfast (though I won't eat it cause it makes ill). But what I don't get is the obessession over EVERYTHING BACON? Bacon donuts - Bacon Churros - bacon chocolate - Those sound nutty but at least I understand the culinary adventure of mixing sweet and savory. Last night I saw a commercial for Taco bell or Del Taco advertising a normal burritto that has "bacon topped with bacon". Is bacon just the national FU to our attempts at getting this country out of the obesity catagory? Or is it a government conspiracy to help pig farmers just like they did with "Got Milk" to help the dairy farmers? Or do people really love the flavour of bacon that much?
Eitherway, how do you explain this? Bakon Vodka?

If you would rather taste it than talk about it - go here.

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