Friday, August 28, 2009

Jessica Dalva maybe the top

Jessica Dalva has a great showing of work at Soap Plant in Hollywood.
I wish I had grabbed more photos at the time. I may go back just for
that. Anyway, i did get this dome piece. It made me laugh and I am
thinking it would make an awesome cake topper. Maybe a little less
creepy for a wedding? Maybe not. Haha. But I think it would be really
cool on our cake and then as a little art piece memory on the shelf. I
can't wait to start playing around with this idea.
I gave Potsch for our first Christmas this spice bottle filled with
two small photos of us and then a small piece of things we had done or
places we'd gone. We had just started dating so it was small.
This cake topper could have the same kinda feeling.
What kind of cake topper would have? Traditional or hand made or
funny? Tell me!

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