Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Dinners- a weekly Thanksgiving

I heard Jim Haynes on NPR earlier this year. Ever since then I have dreamed of attending one of his Sunday Salons. I can be quiet shy in large groups but there is something so positive and thrilling about having dinner with people from all over the world from many different class levels and experiences. Potsch is amazing in a crowd. He is a great talker and a great listener. When ever we go to a social gathering full of people we don't know by the end some how Potsch has made them all his friends. He not fake in anyway either. He has this amazing ability to build a completely genuine relationship with you. He really makes the other person feel special. I on the other hand just wait in the corner wishing I was still a smoker until I know everyone loves Potsch and then Viola! They love me by default. But lately I have started observing him more and trying to do like he do. It can be work but it works. All you have to do is listen and actually care. Potsch has been quite impress with my "new" ways. So have I.
Anyway the point of this post is that Jim Haynes "wishes he could introduce everyone in the world." He loves people and their stories so much so that he has been hosting his Sunday Salons for the past 30 years in Paris in his own home. All you have to do is call him up or shoot him an email saying you would like to come to dinner and you are in. There is usually around 50- 60 people and sometimes double when the weather is good and he can open the doors to his garden. He prides himself on knowing everyones name and occupation so he can personally introduce you to everyone else.

I actually stumbled upon his site tonight while looking up images and thoughts about Sunday Dinners. Potsch and I getting married on a Sunday. We are thinking a lot of aspects will be family and diy. i started thinking about Sunday Dinners. They seem such a special time with family and friends. Almost like a weekly thanksgiving. What a wonderful feeling for a wedding. It's not just about us coming together but our family and friends as well.
This is my most concrete thought about our wedding so far. And it is the most important.

Listen to Jim Haynes "This I believe" here:

And maybe I will see you in Paris on a Sunday night at Jim's.


Teenie said...

How cool! I love this idea for your wedding too. I totally hear ya about social functions. I get that way too. Excited for you and your "new ways"! And PS: I don't believe anyone loves you by default missy... it's cuz you're truly beautifully crazy awesome =)
See ya in Paris.

Anonymous said...

lovely idea. i knew a couple who did this for their wedding.... no ceremony; they spent all their money on the food and had a big family dinner. they held it at Blue Hill which is a restaurant at Stone Barns Farm in NY. basically, it's a super nice restaurant located on a farm where they grow all the produce. beautiful grounds.... i wonder if there is anything like this around LA.....


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