Sunday, August 30, 2009

Parker & Otis

In north Carolina till Tuesday. Went to church today where the sermon
was all about the four principals for getting married to someone. 1.
Magic factor - basically you must be physically and mentally attracted
to the person- check. 2.character- don't have any addictions or you
are worthless-check 3. Emotional stability - um...almost a check? 4.
same belief in god / spirituality- check. Three out of four ain't too
bad. Right?
Anyway after we went for brunch at Parker & Otis in Durham. P&O is a
great shop full of cool recipe books and food products and old time
candy. Also has an amazing selection of wine and some beer. We ordered
at the counter and took a seat and pretty quickly they came out
calling us by name with food. P&O uses local as much as they can. Eggs
and dairy are all from near by farms and taste great.
Next time your in Durham NC definitely stop here. 112 Duke Street.

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