Monday, August 24, 2009

Billtornade knows how to make a man look good

BILLTORNADE - "At the ripe age of twenty, brothers Francis and José Ronez created a brand referenced from the name of a 1950's celebrity cowboy, and the label BILLTORNADE was born. A name that evoked «remembrances of childhood and a token of heedlessness» to its creators."

This weekend Potsch and i happened upon some lovely jackets by Billtornade. Neither of us had heard of the line before but that doesn't mean much. ha. We were very excited to find Billtornade because it seems to be the perfect fit for Potsch. Width and length were just lovely. The styles were classy and classic but had some really fun modern details. Whether it was the stitching or the fabric it self Potsch seemed to feel like the 30 year old successful artists that he is.

We will definitely be keeping our eye out for this cowboy come weddin' season.

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