Friday, August 21, 2009

Things of Interest in Portland - Crown & Crumpet

Crown & Crumpet is actually on the way to Portland (just in San Fransisco) and you bet your bottom dollar that I am going to stop by for a spot of tea and biscuits.
Could you image anything more heavenly? It will be like Alison in Wonderland enjoying a sip inside a cake. I could only be happier if there were no gravity in the place.

Here is what C&C say, "Built on the love and consumption of many cups of tea the world over, owners Amy and Christopher Dean invite you to slow down and enjoy the tea experience with friends, family or on your own. Forget about that cup of coffee and step inside the world of Crown & Crumpet, a spirited, delicious, and sometimes cheeky, room with a view, serving the world’s most popular drink — second only to water."

Oh Boy!!! I love tea! One of my best childhood birthday parties was a very lady like - with lace gloves and floral dresses - Tea Party. My mom has always thrown the best parties hands down.

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Anonymous said...

I had tea on their porch looking over the bay last year, quirky waitresses and very properly done tea. You'll love it! But not as much as I love your blog :D


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