Friday, August 7, 2009

Steampunk for the everyday

Potsch and I were lucky to squeeze in a day at Comic Con this year thanks to our friends Win and Leen. I had never been and never really considered going but I am glad I did. I am going to post a few photos i took soon but this post is about Steam Punks.
As Potsch and I wandered around enjoying the typical super heroes - Batman, Superman, all the X-men- and some very sexy cartoon females, there was this presents that we were unfamiliar with. Groups of men and women raging in all ages were dressed in sort of Victorian era fashion, which we quite enjoyed, but they were also adorned with and toting these sort of futuristic (for Victorian times) gagets and contraptions. We found out they are a subgroup called Steam Punk.

Today on etsy I found Corpseknit which has a focus on Steam Punk. When I go back to comic con I am definitely going to sport the Steam Punk look but more on the wearable everyday side with the help of these items.
I think they clothes also work very well for Twilight fans.

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