Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding dresses are confusing

I started taking ganders at gowns again.
I would love to know your thoughts. Getting engaged is so thrilling and so much fun. Planning a wedding should be the same. But in a way I find the wedding world to be much like that of Chicago's Sin City in the early 1900's. Lots of shady business and plenty of dark alleys waiting for you to take a wrong turn down.
I find it gets difficult to know what it is your really want. We all know that a wedding should be about you (the couple). But what exactly does that mean.
I found that my best radar is to gather as many options as possible and put them out in front of me and then just follow my guts.
It is like asking someone "Should I wear shirt A or shirt B?" it doesn't matter that they say shirt B cause you know you are going to wear shirt A. Some times you just need that push to commit.
If you don't mind, would you be my push and sounding board?

A simple Sapphire gown. Color is beautiful price is cheap. But is it special enough to be a wedding dress? and a colorful wedding dress at that?

I have been thinking more Marigold and blue tones as my options but I love this. Sexy and elegant. I love the gold. I also like that I could wear this again. Is that wrong to want to wear your wedding dress again? I think it a wonderful thought that while you are out with your Husband you and he would remember that wonderful day you became husband and wife.

Holy crap y'all. I just found it in Blue or technically it called "Ocean". I kinda love it! Me with my platinum hair and big boobs. It kinda also makes me laugh. I would want all my bridesmaids to have their hair done in big bouffants wearing vintage dresses. That wedding sounds like a blast. Not sure if it works with Potsch and his spats. But we could figure it out.
P.S. this ocean dress is almost half the price of the fuchsia one above.
This such a Dolly dress. Now be honest. Is this amazing or is it amazing if I was going to prom?


Anonymous said...

amazing if you were going to prom bc that is what my cousin wore to hers this year...for me I see you in a 1950's madmen style dress in peacock blue! Wedding dresses don't have to be long

Leen D. said...

I totally vote for that last dress. It's stunning! Totally love that you've decided to wear a colorful dress!

Broke-ass Bride said...

I think you're setting your sights too low. You are more spectacular than these dresses, and you know it!


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