Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here it comes

The Honey B Launch/Debut Party was a huge success. Thank god! We sold a good amount of goods and we came home to some internet orders. Feels good. But now it is time for me to get the rest of my life back up and running. That mean you, kids.
I am back on my work out schedule and am even planning on turning the heat up due to Potsch and my engagement photo session early Oct. I am giving my acting career a swift kick in the ass by getting new head shots and finally putting my reel together. And most important I am going to blog my butt off so no ones will ever have the chance to be bored at work again. So get ready.
I'm excited. How bout you?

ps- I found the photo appropriate because I saw it as all my ideas and projects boiling up to the top while I control them and ride 'em out. Or something like that.

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