Friday, August 7, 2009

Things of Interest in Portland - Makool

I am thinking I will just keep this title for all Portland related posts coming up. Let me know if that is just a hassle and I can change it.

Potsch and I are heading to Portland in October for a much dreamed about road trip. We decided to book our engagement portrait session with Kelty of Steep Street and we could not be more excited. Now, we are gathering all the places we have read about or heard about or are just now finding that we want to try and check out while we are there. We're not even sure how long our trip will be so I am trying make it so our list of places will determine our length of stay.

Email me and let me know any "can't miss" stuff for Portland. I am talking stores / eateries / museums / parks / hikes / people / you name it I wanna hear about it.

First - in no particular order - Makool Loves You. a clothing and stuff store featuring independant, Handmade, often sustainable, fashions.

They have a fun blog too.

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