Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dressing Kate off Etsy

My friend, Kate, writer of Loosely Scripted, is a very stylish lady. Her style tends to be chic and refined with pops of color. She stays on the modern side of fashion with maybe a tool skirt thrown in the mix every now and again.
I found HeirApparel and immediately thought of Kate. That set me out on a dress up mission. It is fun playing with your friends as if they were your dolls.

Dress $150 and Top $80 by HeirApparel

Top by LesEnfantsSauvages $60

Wrap Top by Lirola $85

Dress by IslaLunaGifts $75

Harem Pants by ThaiModish $25
(I added these cause kate is a traveler)


Kate DiRienzo said...

I would wear them all!

Broke-ass Bride said...

So very very Kate! Good eye! Now play dress up with meeeee! Fun! :)


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