Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boudoir Photography

I just got this book today and I am super excited about it.  I have been a photographer for years with a focus on Headshots but I have always wanted to do nudes as well.  I love sensuality and ladies.  I, also, have always wanted to find a fun, playful and modern take on the male nude.  
Just recently I started my boudoir sessions and like anything you have to find "your take".  So, I have been doing some thinking; why would you come to me for your sexy shots?  The biggest compliment I get (and I have to say I get it a lot) is that I really capture my subjects personality.  It sounds easy, right? Just look through the camera and press the button - but it is more than that.  I like to thank my parents for my intuition and communication skills.  I really try and listen and feel where my subject is coming from.  The relationship between the photographer and subject is what ends up in the photo. wow! ok this post was not supposed to be about this at all. hahaha  It is about sexy pictures.
I am inspired by this book and want to try some shots in this vain. Any volunteers?  It will be fun and I promise not to post them on the internet - unless you want them there.

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Teenie said...

Wow! I have always focused on the lady figure in my art as well... it is so lovely (and fun to create)! I also have had a little obsession with Bettie Page since as far back as I can remember... along with the vintage pin up era in general. I LOVE that you are going to do more boudoir photos! If you ever need an assistant, a buddy to go vintage prop hunting or a second eye, I'm there bebe! How fun...


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