Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recession Latte

It took me a while but I am finally doing the responsible thing- I am
making my coffee at home rather than spending $4 at Peet's every day.
My hesitation was because I love my vanilla soy latte - and just plain
coffee in a ceramic mug, rather than a paper cup with a cardboard sleeve
just isn't the same. But if you put a little imagination and elbow
grease into it, it can be even better.
Two options for homemade cost saving goodness-
1. Trader Joe's coffee ice cream (the best ever). Put a small scoop or
two into your favorite mug*. Pour a bit of coffee on top just to melt
the ice cream a bit. With a battery operated frother (avail at ikea
for pretty cheap) whip it up. Now pour your coffee and enjoy!
2. Grab your favorite mug* and pour a bit of soy creamer (trader joe's
cool section) then squeeze some agave syrup (also avail at Trader
Joe's) to taste. Agave is sweeter and better for you than refined
sugar. Now get your frother and whip it up. Pour your coffee. I like
to froth it all together so that it's all warm otherwise your froth
will be cold and coffee hot. Enjoy!!!
Let me know if you liked it or if you have any other takes.

* favorite Mug- my mom's suggestion was to get a mug that was somewhat special. A mug that inspired. Maybe that is a vintage fun one or maybe a small splurge at Jonathan Adler for an adorable Utopia mug. Whatever it be, it helps if you love it and look forward to drinking and spending time with it.


hazen actor said...

Good thinking. I used to do this back in Woodland Hills days. (I still have my little battery beater thingbe and use it still.) Another trick is after you get your foam done stick it in the microwave to heat it so that it is as hot as your coffee. Coffee-up, girl.

Broke-ass Bride said...

Great post - I love the luxe for less trend lately - and this is a great example!

I'm so happy you're blogging! Missing you.. xoxo


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