Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chinese Super Star!

As long as you are patience and open you will have the life you want.
My dad, Hazen MacIntyre, has always been a performer at heart - that side usually came out in Baseball, business meetings, teaching baseball or just messing around at home - until he moved to China several years ago.  His initial move to the far east was, in a way, just a change of environment. He was still teaching and coaching baseball and still impressing business men at meetings. The only difference was all the kids and business men were Chinese and he had a translator at his side translating every word because he spoke no Chinese, Mandarin or Cantonese.  Luckily his translator was my step mother, Mable, who also, fortunately, was Chinese.  This set up seemed to be working fine but Hazen has never settled for fine.  Gradually his dreams and ideas got bigger.  He began consulting and planning large sporting and entertaining events. His performance side thrived. He met more and more important people in China and, even though there was a language barrier, his passion for life connected him immediately.
Hazen became friends with the writers and producers of the Longest running huge hit Sitcom, Ben Di Lang.  They asked him for his thoughts on a script and he pitched and idea for an American character.  They went crazy for it!  They demanded that he play the role!  He accepted.  

Hazen quickly became a TV star.  He is recognized on the streets and in restaurants, where before it was cause he was the only white guy they had ever seen and now it is because he is China's most beloved crazy American.
Hazen has gone on to secure his spot in the hearts of the Chinese by playing Bruce Lee's Agent, George in the 50 part Biography series seen by hundreds of millions.
He is currently filming another dramatic role in the movie "Ba Da Huang".
So, keep your eye out for this raising star and remember if you love life, it will love you right back.

PS- Hazen is speaking some pretty good Chinese now. Mandarin and Cantonese.


hazen actor said...

Thanks sweetie. You make me sound exciting, adventuresome, talented, and more. I just looked in the mirror and guess what...I'm not!
The modest success I've achieved is all because of my lovely wife, partner, and manager, Mable Li. I would be totally useless in this mysterious country without her guidance and patience. Ps: I absolutely love your Boots & CatEyes site. Always positive it ends with the word 'yes'. Keep up the great work and good things will continue to happen for you. You are so talented. Love, dad

Marina said...

Wow! I had no idea your dad was a superstar in China :-) That's amazing. To go to a different country and learn the language is hard enough but to succeed in that country is a huge achievement.

My mom actually worked in China for 3 years and she speaks Chinese fluently. I don't know how people can learn Chinese. It's one thing to learn a language when you're little but as you grow older it's very hard. And let's face it, Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn, if not the hardest.

Well, now it's even more clear where that comedic talent comes from :-)

Hazen said...

Comment to Marina from Khali's dad:
Superstar is a gross exageration by a supportive daughter. In Cantonese they call me a 'di ming xing' that means 'movie star'. Let me give you an idea of how liberally that term is used. On our GDTV sitcom we sometimes need an extra to play a cleaning lady. Usually it is the same woman and I am always nice to her. She wears a costume and has her mops & brooms and stuff. Then one day en route to the studio I saw her walking along the street. Well actually she was cleaning the street because that is her real job and her street duties are close to GDTV. It turns out that when they need a cleaning lady extra they simply open the front door and yell for her to come in. The point is that around Guangzhou she is called 'di ming xing'. It is enough to keep one's feet firmly planted on the ground. Maybe Alex Baldwin should take note. Xiexie, u'm goy xi, merci beaucoup. Isn't Khali's blogspot site great. She was even funny when she was 8 seconds old so I take no credit for her talent!


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