Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eco every day every body Chic

I am working on a TV pilot right now and this is the first production company that I have worked with that is really making an effort to lessen their foot print. We have actual dishes, glasses and mugs that we wash ourselves. We have a large water tank rather than hundreds of half drank single water bottles floating around. We print double sided and we recycle. Feels pretty awesome.
I have also been bringing my lunch to work in tupper wear. It is not so hard to make a change - you just have to do it really. and it is especially not hard when it looks so pretty...
How cool are these eco friendly snack pouches and Lunch kits? I love the bamboo utensils. I love the everyday eco adjustments. It makes it so easy to improve. I would add a cloth napkin in the mix too.

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