Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Start your engines!

I don't get to watch much TV lately, which is kind of a good thing cause it means that I am busy. Really the only two shows I have to see are United States of Tara and Lie To Me - both of which I watch online. (fingers crossed that everyone who should be getting paid is getting paid) Well, the other night I made myself some dinner and decided to watch some TV before getting back to work. As I flipped the channels I happened upon the channel LOGO. My mouth agape I watched as two drag queens had a dance/ lip sync off to Britney's Stronger. These ladies were dancing for their lives! I am not kidding. When their dance finished there were tiny hats and wigs and hair pieces everywhere, luckily eyelashes were still intact. RuPaul was overwhelmed with the decision she had to make cause one of these ladies HAD to go home. Yes, it was a reality show and that is how they all work. Anyway once RuPaul came back and delivered her news, she gave what every reality show has to have now - thanks to Donald Trump, the dismissal line "It is time for you to SASHE AWAY". In my book, hands down, the most gut busting laugh I have had in awhile. Thanks RuPaul!
You are more than welcome to catch up on all the episodes you missed right here. "You better Work!"

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Marina said...

I'm about to start watching this show. The crazier the better - that's my preference of reality shows. I can't believe no one's thought of this earlier. It's perfect - should be lots of fun. Thanks for the recommendation :-)


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