Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pregnancy Perfection

How absolutely wonderful is this project? I think this could be a whole business. I am once again in love with the idea of being pregnant and having a baby. Wow, just typing that made me tear up. In so many ways I don't think my life has fully started until I have a baby in it.
Whenever that baby time happens I am definitely going to barrow Ryan Marshall's idea for my pregnancy journal. What a special gift for you and your baby daddy and for your baby.

Oh my god- I am at work posting this post - i just got to really read the baby messages and I am just all tears- looks like my cateyes will need a redo

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Teenie said...

I love this idea! My sister Kate who just had my lil' nephew Max, did a similar thing... every month, she would stand in the same spot of the house and take a picture of herself and posted them on her Facebook page to keep us all updated ;) Definitely doing this one day too <3


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