Saturday, March 21, 2009


I am just struggling today - actually this whole week - with my homework final. I have to make a magazine cover. I thought "I got this in the bag!". I love magazines. in my house I am constantly surrounded by piles of them. Some from over ten years ago. I love them. I find so much comfort in flipping the pages. Looking at what was and will be trendy. I think I would get an A+ in a trendy history class. But shockingly enough I am just stumped on this one. I have such a clear idea in my head but I don't have the models or the budget to go shoot it and so I am left with the internet and it low res images. Here is my late night mock up idea. I like it but it is too fuzzy and lacks color or the point of the magazine - Sustainable Los Angeles. i am still plugging away at it and hope to put a beautiful final up by Sunday. any thoughts for this one?
PS - sustainable is beyond food and farmers markets

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