Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sneaky tears

I have taken to listen to Pandora as I work. I love getting to hear new stuff and giving it a thumbs up. But sometimes I forget how much music can effect me. Today I was listening to my Ray LaMontagne station and song by him came on. I was busy and focus on work and all of a sudden I was tearing up. I started paying attention to the song that was on - "Let it be Me". So beautiful. The next song that played was Ben Harper singing "not fire, Not ice". Clearly I need to make a less tearful reflective station.My mom says she doesn't listen to music much anymore cause it is too much of an emotion journey for her. I have to say, I totally understand but I do love crying and just feeling so hard.


Teenie said...

I listen to Pandora too!!! Found people like Feist (before her popularity), Girls in Hawaii (a Belgian indie pop band), Kate Nash, ... all sorts. Love finding new tunes on there :)

Marina said...

What a beautiful song! I've never heard it before. It makes you wanna go to the beach at night, sip some wine and just reflect on things.

cath said...

Can't believe I listened to this while traveling and away from my home- ouch!


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