Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Super Stylish ME!

It has been months since I had my hair done. Even while waiting for my amazing hair stylist, Addie, the other day another stylist walked by and said, "Ooo girl. Look at those roots. You have waited waaaaayyy too long." and then he kept walking.  I could have been offended but instead laughed cause I knew he was waaayyy right.
So here it is - old me and my mile long roots and new kinda french me -

My new color still needs to settle in. once I can wash it it wont be so yellow. My serious model face makes me laugh. what a nerd.


Hazen said...

You look gorgeous in every pic you take. I like the whacky pic 'cause that's you but I also like the model pose and look forward to seeing you soon in all the fashion mags and as a guest star on America's next top model because that be you, girl.

Teenie said...

Love it mon cheri!!!

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

Holy Macaroni you look so much like your mom in the after pic!


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