Thursday, March 12, 2009

My kids

Sometimes I find pictures of kids on the internet and I get really excited like they are mine.  I fantasize about our lives together and what fun things we would do and learn.  I think normal people do this with celebrities and the idea of dating them.  That has just never been my thing.  But little kids and babies - oh the life!
here are some kids I pretend are mine. 
P.S. this scares Potsch a little.

She is my absolute favorite!!!!  She's little messy but lovin' it.  How can you not love that little face!
This one is sort of like a punk rock Dakota Fanning.  So beautiful.

1 comment:

Teenie said...

Hehe... this is funny... I have a couple cute "future" kids as well! (shhh... don't tell Nick ;P)


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