Thursday, June 25, 2009

Duchess Delivers Dapper Dan's all around

Another stop in Portland for us- Duchess Clothier. Affordable tailor made suits in vintage and modern styles. They just released their Scotch Basics and they truly are affordable and gorgeous. 2 piece run $500 and 3 piece $650. I say, It's Worth it! how many times will a man get a a suit tailor made for him? Once? maybe twice? Why not turn up the style and pizazz and turn down the chunk of change it would cost anywhere else.
Potsch and I are toying with the idea of a full color blow out on our big day. At first I was nervous about finding him a bright colored and still stylish suit but now, thanks to the Duchess Clothier, our prayers have been answered.
Can't wait to head to Portland and see all the creations in person. I do not doubt that I will touch every single fabric sample they have. FUN!!!!

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