Saturday, June 27, 2009

Get your summer time Granny on!

Potsch says my style would be classified as "Granny Cool". I can't argue really. I think that some of my best memories of childhood all took place at my Granny and my Grandma Waller's houses in North Carolina. Now, i am predisposed to liking Granny style- Warm colorful 50's and 60's. My grannies had style and pizazz. I would say my other style is that of a 6 year old cowgirl but we will save that for another post.
Back to Grannies - I found these shoes and they are perfect Granny summer kickers! I definitely want them in Green...and red..ok all of them.
You can get them here.

1 comment:

Broke-ass Bride said...

My style has been described as Rainbow Brite-chic or Kindergarten-teacher-couture :) Go with your granny self!


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