Monday, June 22, 2009

I want to be Brandi Strickland when I grow up

Brandi Strickland grew up in North Carolina (I was born there) where she turned everything into make believe and changed what she wanted to grow up and be every week. In 2007 she graduated from Queen's University with a B.A. in Art and now lives in Charlotte, NC.
Her images are colorful and full of texture and fantasy. To me they look like invitations to a new space. A modern take on the vintage future. (yeah art school lingo)
"[Brandi's] work explores the connection between nature and technology–the universe’s beauty and mystery, coupled with man’s desire to explain and understand it. Symbols of science and mythology reflect my interest in humanity’s sense of curiosity, scientific endeavor, and spiritual seeking. My human figures often find themselves in strange and mysterious environments, taking the roll of seeker, explorer, scientist and mystic."
Here are a few pieces to whet your palette before you visit her site and get your self a stunning Brandi Strickland print (here).

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