Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh goodness. I should re-read before I post

So, it has been a very very busy hectic week and I am soooooo very sorry for not posting more. My dad and step mom have been in town from China. My grand Parents were here for my little brothers 8th grade graduation. It was father's day. I went to Vegas for two friends birthdays. BUSY! And now I am back and I just went to check my last post as it was a mobile post and thanks to my iphone update I can "copy Paste" and send multiple photos- all great for blogging- if you know how to do it. Clearly I did not. I did achieve sending two photos but i did not get all my words out. and not only that, the words I did get out were missing one very important word. "Food".
The post read:
What is it about truck stops that make you want to crap so bad?
it was supposed to read:
What is it about truck stops that make you want crap FOOD so bad?
and then it went on to say:
Luckily we have these super yummy vegan cookies! Peanut butter apricot!
You can some at gelson's and wholefoods. Mmmm.

I appologize to any and all I offended or confused with my -what seemed to be- potty post.

1 comment:

Teenie said...

Bahahah! I was wondering... thanks for clearing that up ;)


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