Thursday, June 25, 2009

Xooro! need it now

For some reason I have been craving junk food and sweets for the past week and it is not lady time. Eating junk food from a gas station= not okay. Food from McDonald's (for me) = never ok. Fritters from Xooro= always ok.
Now granted I have never been there but based on their extensive fritter menu I am positive I could find something to fall in love and obsess over.
But like all junkies I can't do it alone. Who's coming with me?
They just opened a new shop at 8360 Melrose Ave in West Hollywood. Judging from the photos online Xooro (pronounced sure-ho) is the Spanish Pinkberry only with out sour yogurt and more fried dough.
Don't make me do this alone.


Anonymous said...

oh my g. all those towers of godliness spinning around with the spanish guitar in the background ... hot flashes. and what is up with the rasberry one? it looks like blown glass, or bejeweled with diamonds. .... step aside chihully - this looks even hevenlier and i can eat it!
i want one NOW.

Broke-ass Bride said...

TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! I just drooled on my keyboard!


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