Tuesday, September 22, 2009

His voice keeps me going

I have a new music crush - Kings of Leon. I don't know if that is dorky or what, I just know that his voice blinds me to all else. I am covered in chills and tears just like when I was a teenager nursing a new broken heart every week. That beautiful voice is so f-ing sexy too. The kind of voice that makes you want to put on a strip show for yourself in your own apartment...or maybe that's just me.
Am I alone in this? Just look at the passion on his face when he sings. I am such a sucker for that stuff. I always fall for the guy who's first priority is not me. Explains my past of guitarist, stand-up comics, actors and occasional drug addicts.

I chose to go with a live version cause you can really hear the sexy breaks in his voice.


Kate said...

Welcome to the Kings of Leon fan club, it is a beautiful place to be

joyful girl said...

you're so not alone - saw them in concert recently and let me just say, sex-triplexxxy.

hi! first time visitor to your blog & i have to say, i kinda love it. way to make me giggle. :)


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