Monday, September 21, 2009

Oktoberfest in Alpine Village

If you haven't been before you must make time for it now - Oktoberfest
in alpine village. This Saturday night Potsch, me, teenie and musso
headed down to Torrance for a night of good ol' German fun!
To be honest when we arrived we were a bit underwhelmed. There was one
bier tent and basically only one bier ( I don't count the bud light
and coors that were also there). There was some entertainment up at
the front and they were all decked out in traditional Bavarian garb -
lederhosen and dirndls. We were surrounded by frat boys and gang
bangers. Odd. They were all wearing either bright green hats with a
red feather or a big fuzzy chicken hat. Odd. In my judgmental elitist
way I scoffed at the crowd and marked them as foolish but one german
brat covered in sauerkraut and mustard and one tall liter of
Oktoberfest brew and my scoffing was no more. Teenie and I ran up on
stage to do the chicken dance three times and were giddy when the MC
wanted to spin us around. My hestitation stopped us two ladies short
of being in the drinking contest. But we had our own down on the dance
My favorite part was seeming Potsch happier than a kid in a candy
store running and skipping around the tent for twenty minutes solid
smiling and high five-ing every stranger he could during the polenaise.
It was a glorious event. So much fun that our minds were made - THIS
is what we want our wedding to be like!
(minus the very awkward sausage eating contest)


Anonymous said...

and minus the gang bangers and frat boys i hope. oops, wait, my boyfriend was a frat boy. ok, just the gangs.

i would love to drink beir & skip around a tent on your wedding day. can't wait!

cath- said...

I laughed for 10 minutes from the line "(minus the awkward sausage eating contest.)" Still laughing.


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