Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretend Kid at play

Oh of my most favorite things ever as a kid was playing dress up (ok yes i still play dress up all the time). Playing dress up for me was unbelievable because my mom was an actress and did sketch comedy at the Groundlings, so my dress up clothes were actual full on costumes and colorful vintage pieces. I had gorgeous feather boas and long purple silk robes. Hooker shoes, stripper shoes and lumber jack boots. And WIGS!!! I still to this day have about 30 wigs and we are not talking about crappy Halloween wigs we are talking expensive styled locks, short and long, straight and curly. My mom was great because she made a box of dress up clothes that were just for me and that I could pull out and put on when ever I was feeling fancy or a new character was coming on. I don't doubt that that experience defined my fashion sense today.
Sometimes I want to start my kids dress up box now. There are so many pieces that I have no need for but know that any kid would love to play with. I don't have the space to store that box yet but when I do - you better believe it is on!
here is my pretend Kid at play with her dress up clothes.

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