Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween is awesome

Potsch and I stopped by Joanne's Fabrics last night to pick up a couple of things for some possible holiday additions to our Honey B line. While there I discovered the Halloween aisle full of kids costumes. When i was a kid my mom made all my costumes from scratch or we would go shopping at the always cool Aardvarks and she would style them into something amazing and one of a kind. i was always grateful for that cause the kids costumes back then were those horrible plastic sacks with arm holes and a creepy face mask. They were always a little creepy even when you were a pretty princess. So, I was surprised to see the quality and lushness of these costumes. Or so i thought. Potsch and I started putting the masks and head gear on and could not stop laughing at just how hidious these things were. Maybe our heads are just too big...or maybe these costumes are just lame.

This one was the worst. I thought I was going to look like this sweet sexy little kitty lady but instead Potsch told me I looked like I had just had surgery. When I saw the photo I totally agreed.
PS- did you see the price on that mask? $12.99!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?


Teenie said...

OMG. You guys are too funny =)

Kelty said...

You guys had better bring some of that stuff with you!!

Layne said...

No wai!



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