Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I would register for these

If I could I would decorate my my house (or at least one room) in all cat and kitty stuff. I dream of having my own home office space someday and having it all kitties. I am slowly gathering my collection now. I have fine art kitties and kitty statues. I have kitty postcard and kitty cards all featuring kitties in clothes (my obsession). I am picky about my kitty paraphernalia. I don't accept just any kitty stuff. It has to make me laugh or smile or go "(big inhalation) Oh my God" followed with hands clasped together at chest. It would seem that FieldGuided falls into my kitty category just perfectly. What I wouldn't give to start my day with a cup of coffee in my kitty cup and enjoy a tuna sandwich for lunch on my kitty plate while gazing at my kitty art.
Oh, I hope when I die my heaven is filled with kitties.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kitty porn! I love it.


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