Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pretend Kids goes BIG because of Small

I just found this online mag called Smalll Magazine - a gorgeous fashion magazine for children full of stunning photos and designers and great links to other great kid stuff stores. These pages are filled with some of the most lovely images. Makes me want to have kids right now and invite there friends over and do a super cool editorial photo shoot. I think my kids may hate me for having a camera in their face all the time. I know my kitzies are over it.
Look at least beautiful babes. and then look at Small Magazine.

I have always imagined having a little girl first but I realize that I could have a boy and I would be thrilled. The boy above reminds me of my brother Tom and I think my little boy would be like him. I should be so lucky.

I think both of these girls have some pretty nice wedding styles going on in terms of hair. I would love to rock that female pomp with some blue flowers.

I want to know how this bow is staying in place. When i was a little little baby I did not have enough hair to hold a bow - much like this one - but my mom, being the genius that she is, and I mean that, double sided some scotch tape and stuck it on.

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