Thursday, September 3, 2009

If only i could believe a little harder

I found this adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs ruffle bikini for $70 total on sale from $200. The only size left is 12. That is the size I am gunning for for my wedding day. How amazing would be to have this bikini on my honeymoon?! But I am just scared that I won't make it all the way down to that size. My work outs have been great. My food most of the time is good but sometimes, like when you go to North Carolina where there are hush puppies and sweet tea, I can stumble. Is this Bikini one of those things you buy so you can charge your self up to make it strong and fast to the finish line? What would you do?
PS- If you sign up on that website you too can emails of these big sales. I think I am slowly turning into one of those women who buy designer stuff on sale just cause it is designer. Is that bad?


cathy said...

I say go for it! You'll do it.

Anonymous said...

I say buy it - its very cute. But don't put to much pressure on yourself to get to a target size. It sounds like you're doing all the right things so you're feel great on your wedding day even if you are few pounds heavier :)



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